Specializing in family history research throughout the United States.


Every family has a story, a history.  Our clients have included those with no knowledge beyond their own parents, adoptees, ones with only family lore, lineage society applicants and many that want the family history documented for future generations beyond them,  At Deep Roots Research we have a network of qualified genealogists across the nation ready to help. We specialize in New England, Great Lakes, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas research.


It is easy to get off track or confused with the hipe around genealogy websites and the pay-for-use from one to another.  That is where we come in.  We are here to do the research for you, wherever it is located.  It is all about finding out what you want to know about your family history and heritage and looking for the answer, wherever it may be.

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 We are happy to be your boots-on-the-ground and pull documents for you throughout Texas and southern Oklahoma. We can also help you navigate where you need to go and how to get there on you own genealogical quest with our consulting and education services. Do you already have the research and want to look at joining a lineage society? Our team is active in many of them and we are happy to connect you to the ones your particular family history opens the door to.



Family history research extends much further than what can be found online.  Depending on your goals, your personal researcher may scour multiple library collections, historical societies, local archives, state archives or even the National Archives. With decades of experience between our network of genealogists, we know where to go to find what is needed.



As researchers, we know how frustrating it can be waiting weeks or even months after ordering documents from one entity or another.  Let our researchers save you time by physically visiting the repository and pulling your records. Our nationwide network of genealogists are at your service.*

*Due to the nature of historical records and the varying requirement of birth, deaths and marriages being recorded from one state to another; no guarantee is made that definitive proof documents can always be found.  When not available client will be provided a "no record found" letter.



We know how overwhelming it is to start a research project when you do not know where to begin.  Whether it is helping you create a research plan from scratch or directing you where to go on a search already begun; we can help.



Our speakers are engaging, energetic and available to speak on a variety of genealogical research topics.



Founded by a genealogist and family historian, Deep Roots Research truly understands the work that goes into documenting family history.

It is a privilege to help tell a family's story. We look at each client as if they were our own family member, with care and attention to detail. It isn't enough to find men and women of the same surname in a certain area.  We take the time to distinguish one from another, sibling from cousin and parent from child.  It is in the details, which sets us apart from the rest.




When you hire Deep Roots Research you will be matched with one of our network of genealogists that specialize in the area of the country you need researched.  Each is meticulously vetted to ensure highest compliance to genealogical standards and knowledge in their area of expertise.

Deep Roots Research's network of genealogists are all graduates of the Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research. Each is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and regularly update their skills through continuing education.  Most are actively involved in giving back to the genealogical community through volunteerism. Rest assured that your family's history is in good hands.


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